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Untangling the Silk Confusion: Is 6A the Same as 22 Momme?

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The world of silk is often shrouded in confusion, and one common misconception revolves around the terms 6A and 22 Momme.

feelits silk 6A and 22momme

Many tend to believe they are interchangeable, but in reality, they represent different aspects of the silk spectrum. In this blog, let's unravel this silk mystery, providing clarity to ensure you make informed choices when indulging in the luxury of silk.

The Silk Grade Dilemma: 6A vs. 22 Momme

6A Silk: Often mistaken for a measure of weight or thickness, 6A refers to the silk's grade. It signifies the highest quality of silk, denoting that it's sourced from the best silk cocoons. This ensures longer, smoother fibers, resulting in a superior, more luxurious fabric.

22 Momme: In contrast, Momme (often written as mm) is a unit that measures the weight per square meter of silk fabric. It indicates the thickness and durability of the silk. A higher Momme count generally suggests a denser, more substantial fabric.

Why the Confusion?

The confusion arises because both 6A and 22 Momme are associated with high-quality silk. However, they measure different aspects—grade and weight—making them complementary rather than interchangeable.

Choosing Silk: The FEELITS Difference

When it comes to silk, details matter. At FEELITS, we believe in transparency and quality. All our silk products are crafted from the finest 6A-grade silk, ensuring an unparalleled level of softness and durability.

22 Momme for Pillowcases and Eye Masks: For our pillowcases and eye masks, we use 22 Momme silk, providing you with a luxurious feel and a touch of opulence for your sleep.
feelits mulberry silk eyemask and hair ties
19 Momme for Accessories: Our accessories, like hair scrunchies, are crafted from 19 Momme silk, striking the perfect balance between silk's natural elegance and durability.

More details about our silk material: https://feelits.com/pages/our-material 

FEELITS: Your Trusted Silk Companion

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In the intricate world of silk, understanding the distinctions is key. FEELITS stands as a beacon of trust, offering products meticulously crafted from the finest 6A-grade silk. Embrace the luxury of our 22 Momme pillowcases and eye masks, knowing that you're indulging in the highest quality silk available.

When it comes to silk, FEELITS invites you to experience the epitome of luxury—where clarity meets opulence in every thread.

FEELITS brand is a top-notch brand focusing on Royal Mulberry Silk. Dedicated to providing sophisticated, healthy daily living silk products to create the best care experience for every customer. Proud products like luxury royal silk pillowcases, sleep eye masks, scrunchies, and the exclusive mini bunny pouch. Feel it once, love it.