FEELITS Press: New Efforts for Global Sustainability as COP27 Initiatived - FEELITS

FEELITS Press: New Efforts for Global Sustainability as COP27 Initiatived

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FEELITS, a top-notch brand focused on sophisticated, healthy daily living silk products like silk pillowcases, silk sleep eye masks, and silk scrunchies.
FEELITS, a new silk brand focusing on Royal Mulberry Silk contributes effort by launching new collections using 100% real biodegradable raw fabric to reduce environmental waste as 2022 COP27 initiated. The brand is also taking action and leading topics like accountability, diversity, and labor fair as consumers' values continue to underlie their shopping choices and expectations.
Action on New Accountability
In addition, new accountability is also attached to great importance since Feelits establishment. It cares about sustainability and fairness in all aspects of the supply chain. Feelits always treats the craftsmen and laborers with a higher 30% average salary. Labor fair is definitely not easy, but they are always following the principles as the UN's 17 SDGs promoted. As the raw fabric supply, Feelits only uses royal mulberry silks which meet its standards. As a natural protein fiber, silk consumes less water than cotton in the supply chain of production. In addition, silk products also have a longer service life-time, and have the environmental advantages of being sustainable and 100% degradable. It is real earth-friendly from raw materials to finished products.
The brand's Featured Product Series:

feelits products

The SweetDream Series
  • Royal Silk Pillowcase: Made of the best luxury Royal Mulberry Silk from raw fabric to finished product by the highest grade (6A) mulberry silk with 22 momme thickness.
  • Royal Silk Sleep Eye Mask: 10 years senior craftsmen handmade, unmistakably stylish pieces to start your fancy life, moving past fatigue.
  • Smooth & breathable, naturally hydrates the skin of the face, ideal for shining hair care and health.
The Hair Care Series
  • Prevents frizz, tangle, and leaves no dents on hair.
  • Moisturize and hydrate the hair gently holding an elegant style.
  • More colors: Padama Pink, Sliver Grey, and Champagne Gold.
The Royal Bunny Pouch
  • A waste-reduction action made from abandoned silk pieces.
  • A storage mini bunny bag to start the ultimate & luxury silky joy, crafted for care, handmade by the senior craftsmen.
Caring for consumers is one of the priorities of the brand. "Bed is a private personal space for us. We drop our masks and release our true feelings there. Feelits wants to make this moment free and comfy for our customers by providing the highest quality of silk sleep products", said the founder of FEELITS George. Committed to "Customer First", Feelits encourage people to shout out their real emotions and feelings through the #Ifeel challenge.

FEELITS brand is a top-notch brand focusing on Royal Mulberry Silk. Dedicated to providing sophisticated, healthy daily living silk products to create the best care experience for every customer. Proud products like luxury royal silk pillowcases, sleep eye masks, scrunchies, and the exclusive mini bunny pouch. Once feel it, love it.

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