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5 Most Popular Silk Choices In This Holiday

During the last stretch of the year, from the end of October through to the beginning of January, there are at least four holidays that are commonly celebrated: Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year's Eve and an end-of-year holiday such as Christmas or Hanukkah.
In these happy times, our silk products have received wide acclaim from customers. Here, the 5 most popular products reviewed by our customers are listed, which can help guide your Christmas and New Year's purchase. No matter for gifts, sleep or skin care, you will find helpful truly suggestions.
In this article: Natural Beauty Sleep Eye Mask, Silk Scrunchies, Royal Silk Pillowcase, Sustainable Silk Bunny Pouch, Skinny Hair Scrunchies.

Rated ⭐4.89 (out of 5.00) Natural Beauty Sleep Eye Mask

Not only does it block the light and kick out nightly distractions for deep sleep, but Feelits silk eye mask can also moisturize your eye area, protecting and preserving your skin at night.

"Super Silky Comfortable & Reasonable Price!
This sleep mask is excellent quality. The adjustable strap is super convenient, if the mask becomes loose just tighten it up. So soft and 100% definitely keeps the light out. Trust me I've tried quite a number. Very happy 5 stars!"
"great Christmas gift
We bought this as this holiday gift for my mom. perfect gift warping, Love the sleep mask! Really soft and it feels great."
"Gorgeous and so comfortable
Never thought I would write a review for a sleep mask. I tried 3 different new sleep masks and this one is my favorite! This item does not have any weird smell, it is very comfortable, soft and blocks the light completely. I will buy it again and again."

Rated ⭐4.95 (out of 5.00) Natural Care Hair Scrunchies- Trio Set

Say goodbye to hair tie kinks and hair breakage. Natural silk proteins can moisturize and hydrate your hair, preventing the tugging and pulling caused by elastic hair ties.

"Second purchased, it's subtle and cute
LOVEEEEE these silk crunchies! This is the 2nd set I purchased since my daughter loved them too! These are my new go-to scrunchies for putting my hair up. They minimize hair damage and are subtle and cute.!"
"Treat Yourself Girl
Listen to me when I say if you ever want to treat yourself - buy these scrunchies! I’m really trying to make a conscious effort to improve my hair health and silk scrunchies and pillow cases are an amazing start. I invest in good products for my hair in hopes that I can maintain its integrity."
----------Jessica Lowring
"Perfect stretch hair scrunchies
I bought this for my waist length hair to sleep with it up, as most other hair ties cause breakage and pulling at the front of my hairline. The elastic inside seems wide and durable which helps it stay put. Perfect stretch for me (note: I have thin hair but lots of it)."

Rated ⭐4.93 (out of 5.00) Natural Beauty Sleep Pillowcase- 22-momme

Feel the innate beauty power of natural protein from deluxe 100% royal mulberry silk while you sleep, leading all-day shining glittering.

"superior quality!!
This pillowcase just goodness it’s extremely fabulous!!! Super curly hair here and this made such a huge difference with how my hair looks!! I’m so in love with it 🥰🥰"
"It is truly Feelits!
It is everything advertised: cool temperature, gentle on hair, lack of sleep creases, no need to flip pillow over during night. I bought 4 more for presents for favorite friend and family. Wish I had purchased more."
"You need this if you have damaged hair
I resisted buying this because of the cost. I finally caved after bleach was left on my to long and broke off. This pillowcase is worth every penny! I have absolutely no hair breakage when I wake up. It's amazing."

Rated ⭐4.86 (out of 5.00) Royal Sustainable Silk Bunny Pouch

The extraordinary senior handmaking skills unite with the novel bunny ideas for creating the mini pouch from leftover fabric, making the elegant style and NO-waste action both happen.

"Cute Bunny!
So obsessed with this little cute silk pouch! I didn't plan to use this kind of item before I got this, it's simply happy to look at it placed on my table. Besides, it is actually something I can use in my daily life, to arrange my lipsticks haha."
"Best child present!
I got these for my nieces to use to help keep their candies looking nice instead of just getting tossed on the ground. They find out it can hang in anywhere because that little silk pouch has a smart drawstring! They really have been using for 2 months now and the bags are holding well for a 7yr old and 9yr old."
"Must buy to pouch my necklace
Definitely a must buy! I love these affordable bags. They are made with quality, no smell the material is not cheap at all. It is very luxurious and high quality silk. I feel proud to use it to store the jewelries."

Rated ⭐4.86 (out of 5.00) Natural Care Skinny Hair Scrunchies- Trio Set

Skinny hair tie choice. Designed to avoid hair creases, and prevent hair breakage and unwanted hair damage caused by elastic hair ties.

"All hair types
These scrunchies are excellent for all hair types. I’ve purchased the regular and skinny ones. I Love them both. Just pull them out of hair with no tangles or hair breakage. Once you try these you’ll never go back to the other types."
"Love it!
This is real silk It keeps my hair from getting tangled and doesn’t rip out my hair when I take it out. I’m happy with this purchase."
"Cute and tight for curly hair
It is cute and soft. Holds hair a lot better than I thought it would and I have crazy wavy/ curly hair."
------Jennifer Terro

Hope these real reviews for our silk products can help guide your shopping. Want to browse more interesting reviews, click here.