FEELITS Sweet Dream Silk Set with Handwritten Card Make Itself a Blissy Gift Idea This Holiday Season - FEELITS

FEELITS Sweet Dream Silk Set with Handwritten Card Make Itself a Blissy Gift Idea This Holiday Season

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Focused on sophisticated, healthy daily living silk products, FEELITS brand celebrates the Christmas holiday by offering special discounts with free handwritten Christmas cards for all consumers.
FEELITS, a top-notch silk brand focusing on Royal Mulberry Silk is pleased to invite hard-working gentlemen, ladies, and family superwomen into Christmas Silk Land to unwind this holiday. FEELITS is making it supremely easy to choose the perfect gift with the highly giftable sweet dream silk set, bonus a free DIY Christmas card to let consumers say something from the bottom of their hearts to their loved ones.

It says a good morning actually begins with your bedtime routine the night before. So an excellent new year begins with a sound and good rest at the end of the year. Thankfully, this mulberry silk sleep kit is here to help. Silk helps to slip into a deep sleep, getting efficient relaxation easier than ever.

For those looking to reward themselves or surprise people they love, FEELITS's Christmas special offers began(end on Dec.25th). Provided different gift selections for him, for her, and for family, consumers are free to choose what they like and to who they want to gift. FEELITS brand also got all the gifts nicely wrapped. No extra paid fee is needed for gift wrapping. It's really the best of both worlds!

Perfect Selection For Him & Her from the frequently purchased items

Power by the natural protein fiber for thermal regulation, allow waking up refreshed and revitalized, moving past fatigue.
Help block nighty distractions for deep sleep & moisturize eye area, protecting and preserving your skin at night.
Preventing frizz, tangle, and leaving no dents on your hair, no more damages caused by elastic hair ties.

Perfect Selection For Family from the most comfortable luxury items – All Care&Love in One

A 100% Royal Mulberry Silk. Natural Beauty Luxury Gift Set
Include: 1*pillowcase, 1*sleep eye mask, 2*hair scrunchies.
Plus a free bunny pouch.

What's special

In addition to a luxuriously wrapped box, the brand also provides a free DIY Christmas card to let consumers express their love for their beloved ones. To give thanks to loved ones, a classic handwritten card is never out of date.

FEELITS 100% Royal Mulberry Silk Christmas Holiday Dream gift Perfect Gift Best gift

Consumers can leave their message, then FEELITS will hand write the blessing words for them, or consumers can choose to write themselves.

The founder George says: "Every consumer has the right to experience a lifetime of good sleep. When you're nice and relaxed, slip the silk eye mask on and lie on the silk pillowcase, immersing your spirit into a soft, deep, sound sleep. We hope consumers can enjoy an extremely silky rest at the end of the year."


FEELITS brand is a top-notch brand focusing on Royal Mulberry Silk. Dedicated to providing sophisticated, healthy daily living silk products to create the best care experience for every customer. Proud products like luxury royal silk pillowcases, sleep eye masks, scrunchies, and the exclusive mini bunny pouch. Once feel it, love it.

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