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6A, 22-Momme & 100% Mulberry Silk: You need to know when buying silk

Not all silks are created equal. The quality of silk varies greatly depending on factors such as raw silk source, thickness, weight, density, elasticity, etc. In the silk industry, the 6A, 22-Momme, and 100% Mulberry Silk are mentioned to describe the good quality silk all the time, but what does that really mean?

⭐What is grade 6A silk?

“According to China’s GBT 1797-2008 Raw Silk Quality Standards, the raw silk is divided into 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, A, B, C, D, E, and F, a total of 11 grades. The most commonly used 6 grades are from 6A to A. 6A is the grade indicating the best quality.”

Specifically, silk is graded on an A, B, and C scale. Each letter referencing a different type of silk product quality. A being the finest, highest quality silk product and C being the lowest. The Number takes the grading and makes it a step further.

Raw Silk Quality Standards grades the silk according to the results of 10 test items below:
·Size Deviation
·Maximum Size Deviation
·Evenness Change Ⅱ Degree
·Evenness Change Ⅲ Degree
·Winding (Breaks)

To sum up, 6A raw silk is the highest quality in these rigorous test standards, which is usually ONLY 5% of all silk. At feelits, we only choose 6A raw silk to produce exquisite silk products, providing our customers with the best royal silk experience.

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⭐What is 22-Momme?

Mommes (mm), is a unit traditionally used to measure the quality of silk fabrics. The Density of silk is measured by momme. One momme = 4.340 grams per square meter; 8 mommes is approximately 1 ounce per square yard or 35 grams per square meter.

Momme describes the silk’s weight and density. Normally, the higher the momme weight, the more durable the weave, the more luxurious the fabric is, the more suitable it is for heavy-duty use, and the longer the shelf-life. Besides, the heavier the silk, the more opaque it becomes. So it is important to choose the proper choice in the momme weight.

For example, when choosing silk products such as pajamas, pillowcases, and eye masks, 22-momme is the best choice in terms of durability, opaque and weight; and 25-momme will feel uncomfortable because it is too heavy. For soft and light products like silk hair scrunchies, 19-momme is a better choice.

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⭐What is 100% Mulberry Silk?

Mulberry silk is produced by the bombyx mori, a domesticated silk worm whose diet consists exclusively of leaves from the mulberry tree. The mulberry silkworm spins a cocoon, which is unraveled into a single long mulberry silk fiber; several fibers are then spun into mulberry silk thread which is then woven into silk fabric used to make silk bedding, accessories, and clothing.

The mulberry leaf is nutrient-rich, sustainable food source for the bombyx mori moth. Silkworms who feed exclusively on mulberry leaves produce cocoons of fine, strong, and uniform color fibers.

Mulberry Silk is the best silk you can buy for textile purposes.100% means that our fabric only consists of Mulberry silk. This is important because some companies will blend mulberry silk with other cheaper silks to make a cheaper product. Mulberry silk is incredibly soft and durable.

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