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You Need to Know When Buying Silk: What is 6A Silk?

Hey there, silk enthusiasts! Ever found yourself puzzled by the mystical world of silk grades? Let's unravel the mystery together in this blog.

6a silk threadsUnderstanding 6A Silk: The Silk of Silks

Silk is not just silk; it's an experience, a luxury. And when it comes to the crème de la crème of silk, it's all about 6A. But what does 6A even mean? Think of it as the VIP pass in the world of silk—it signifies the highest grade, ensuring longer, smoother fibers and unparalleled softness.

Unlocking the 6A Secret: The Top 5% Elegance

6a silk threads6A silk, often shrouded in mystery, is the gold standard for raw silk identification. Here's the revelation: only the top 5% of raw silk makes the cut. It's not just a grade; it's an exclusive club of the most pristine silk threads, meticulously selected for their exceptional quality.

In the realm of silk, understanding the grades is key. According to China's GBT 1797-2008 Raw Silk Quality Standards, silk is meticulously graded from 6A to F, with 6A reigning supreme as the pinnacle of quality. But what does this really mean?

The 6A Secret Sauce: Quality Unveiled

Imagine silk as a spectrum of luxury, and 6A is the shining star at the top. It's not just a grade; it's a testament to the finest silk experience. Now, let's unveil the magic by peeking into the 10 test items that determine this regality:

  • Size Deviation: Ensuring uniformity, because perfection lies in consistency.
  • Maximum Size Deviation: Striving for the ideal size across the entire silk thread.
  • Evenness Change Ⅱ Degree: A measure of how smoothly the silk transitions in thickness.
  • Cleanness: Because cleanliness is next to silkiness.
  • Neatness: A visual appeal that complements the tactile sensation of silk.
  • Evenness Change Ⅲ Degree: An extra layer of scrutiny for seamless silk quality.
  • Winding (Breaks): Detecting any interruptions in the silk's natural flow.
  • Tenacity: Measuring the silk's strength, ensuring durability.
  • Elongation: A factor contributing to the silk's flexibility and comfort.
  • Defect: The final touch, ensuring flawlessness in every inch of silk.

🌟🕊️Why 6A Matters: Silk Fit for Royalty

You deserve the best, and that's where 6A silk steps in. It's the gold standard, the epitome of silk excellence. The kind of silk that caresses your skin, making every moment feel like a touch of luxury.

🌟🕊️Introducing FEELITS: Where 6A Meets Elegance

feelits best silk materialNow that you're in the know, let's talk about FEELITS. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond words; it's woven into every thread of our 6A-grade Mulberry Silk products. Crafted to perfection, each item is a testament to the rigorous standards set by 6A silk, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Our entire silk collection, from pillowcases to eye masks and scrunchies, is crafted with precision using the finest 6A-grade silk.

👑🌿Conclusion: Choose Silk, Choose Excellence

feelits silk products pillowcase and eyemasksIn the world of silk, 6A isn't just a grade; it's a promise of unparalleled luxury. Choose FEELITS for an elevated silk experience—where every detail is a mark of excellence, and every thread whispers sophistication.

Embark on a silk journey with FEELITS—where the magic of 6A silk meets the elegance of everyday luxury. Treat yourself or gift someone special—because when it comes to silk, only the best will do.

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