How to Get Silk in Palia and Real World? - FEELITS

How to Get Silk in Palia and Real World?

Welcome back, silk enthusiasts! Today, let's dive deeper into the crafting process, comparing the virtual Silk creation in Palia with the real-world artistry that defines FEELITS' Mulberry Silk. Discover the unique journey of making silk in both realms and understand why FEELITS Mulberry Silk is more than a purchase—it's an investment in luxurious comfort.

Palia's Silk Crafting Adventure

palia silkIn the gaming haven of Palia, players embark on a quest to create silk threads. Harvested from Rare or Epic Bugs, the process involves strategic bug-catching, with Rare Bugs yielding up to seven pieces and Epic Bugs offering a generous 15. As players level up, they unlock access to better bugs, enhancing their silk-making skills.

1. Crafting at the Loom: Palia's Workshop Magic

To transform Silk Threads into a usable fabric, players use a Loom. Crafting a piece of silk requires five Silk Threads, and the crafting recipe can be purchased from Tish for 1,500 Gold. It's an intricate process that demands skill and dedication.

2. Bug Catching in Palia: A Smoke Bomb Affair

Bugs, including crabs, are captured using smoke bombs. As players progress in the game and catch more bugs, they unlock more potent smoke bombs. Auri, the story's key character, facilitates this progression, offering new smoke bombs and recipes.

Real-World Silk Crafting at FEELITS

feelits mulberry silkNow, let's shift our focus to the real-world magic of crafting Mulberry Silk at FEELITS.

1. Harvesting Mulberry Silk: Nature's Elegance

harvest mulberry silk from leavesThe journey begins with the Mulberry silkworms feasting on Mulberry leaves, creating delicate silk threads. This natural process ensures the highest quality silk, a hallmark of FEELITS' commitment to excellence. More details about the process click here.

2. Spinning Luxury: Real Silk, Real Craftsmanship

spin silk threadsJust like in Palia, the silk threads are spun with precision and care, transforming into the luxurious fabric that defines FEELITS Mulberry Silk. It's a craft that combines tradition with modern sophistication.

3. Mulberry Silk Products: Unveiling the Collection

feelits mulberry silk collectionFEELITS offers a range of Mulberry Silk products, from pillowcases to eye masks and scrunchies. Each item reflects the dedication to providing the finest in silk comfort.

FEELITS Mulberry Silk: An Investment in Luxury

silk eyemasks and silk hair tiesWhile Palia's Silk is a virtual adventure, FEELITS' Mulberry Silk is a tangible investment in luxury. With a nod to the intricate crafting processes, FEELITS' Mulberry Silk products are more than just silk—they are a testament to a dedication to quality, comfort, and style.

Craft your comfort journey with FEELITS' Mulberry Silk—where the artistry of silk-making meets the elegance of everyday luxury. 💫🌿

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